How to Preserve Husbands

Husbands, like peaches, will not keep the year around unless they are well preserved. First select him carefully; be sure he is not too green, neither should he be over-ripe. He might look very tempting and mellow in the market but if he is too old he will not stand the test of the preserving process, but will expose his hard stony heart.

Husbands grown in the tropics of pleasure look very fine, but are usually insipid. The home grown are the best. Select your husband, if possible, from a family tree growing on the sunny side of a church. You will be sure then that he has a sound heart.

Unsound husbands, like unsound peaches, often have to be sorrowfully cast away. Having selecteed your husband, you should have a clear, steady, cheery fire of love.

Your preserving pan (the home) must be clean and neat. Give him plenty of sweetness, much sugar is needed - vinegar is never used in sweet preserves. If you think he demands a little spice use it with caution.

Do not keep stirring him up, neither should you keep poking him with sharp points to see if he is done - it will spoil his looks.

If you follow the recipe, love will be preserved.

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